Monday, February 08, 2010

From 20's to Pool Party

Apres the opening of Circle, we all trooped to the rooftop of Warehouse for the 1920's party.

The girls went all out with their flapper costumes, boas and pearls!

Even the guys looked dapper. Shinta is insane! She's the only one willing to do that and loving it!

Everyone looked chic and looking like extras from a period movie.

Here's moi with Leigh.

After the rooftop party we headed to the pool party of Philippe at his apartment.

Here's Karen with Philippe.

Some of my friends came from another party and we just decided that it was best to end that party day at the pool party. Some even brought their own drinks ;)

I seriously don't knbow who that guy is beside Nettie (she's Fil-Oz). He looks funny! Is that orange juice that Chirs was drinking? I haven't seen these guys in a long time.

Here's Thomas, Jessie, Philippe, Karen and Karl (from left).

I thought I was back in college.


toxic disco boy said...

taray. feather feather galore ang drama

karen said...

hanggang sa blog umabot ang mahiwagang plastic time talga, di na ko magdadala! hahaha!

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - lots of birds got killed that day ;)

karen - dapat kasi naka lv. ask mo si noh ng kanyang lv street gm for moi. tagal ko na hinihingi ;) lagyan natin drinks.

karen said...

ang sosyal!! lv talga!! cge ask ko si Noh..hahaha!