Friday, February 26, 2010

Yummy and Crispy

Elaine, Loven's friend since elementary, visited us here in Cambodge with her parther Roger. I promised to treat her ice cream at Cafe de la Paix and she never forgot! It's her second time to come here in Siem Reap and this time she wanted to taste the unique culinary gems it offers.

Have you eaten crawling, creepy creatures before?

I've eaten crickets already. It was our Khmer spa staff who taught me how to eat one. It's yummy and sorta taste like Safari or Corniks corn snack. With that I'm excited to taste this other type of winged creature, probably a bettle.


Does it look like a cockroach?

It's very savory and garlic-y. There's no icky taste or smell to it. It's like eating potato chips, actually. The secret in eating it is to remove the legs and protective hard shell of the insect. What's left is the crunchy body for you to enjoy.

For dinner we had a feast at Molopor. I ordered this tomato omellette, my favorite, paired with tomato and cheese pasta.

I also ate this fried vegetable gyoza.

Some steamed shrimp dumpling.

And a wonderful bar fish curry dish.

Elaine and Roger even tried the beef loklak, a local beef speciality.

Molopor is a local, small-ish eatery that's not fancy but is popular with tourists (on the know) and expats. They serve a selection of Khmer, Japanese and continental food. It's also very affordable but the food's super tasty. It's one of our fave resto here in SR.

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