Friday, February 12, 2010

A FRussian Visit

Our FRussian friend (well that's what he calls himself: Russian + French), Serguie was briefly in SR for a much needed break from the icy winter of Moscow. He brought along his friend Boris, although a very Russian sounding name, is French. It's Boris' first time in SR and it's much, much different from Shanghai where he is based now.

I promised to treat Sergs for dinner and I'm quite surprised he never ate at Sugar Palm before. Although knowing him it's really watering holes like Angkor What?! and X Bar that he frequents when he was still living here. LOL! He wanted Boris to taste loklak, a local beef dish, and other Khmer food. Everyone agreed Sugar Palm has the best Khmer food ever.

He got me Vogue Russia as present.

Although I find it funny that the issue celebrated an un-Russian style.

He also gave Loven a really cool gift, a Russian version of Lego blocks.

Very Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

Of course, Loven and I tinkered with it like little boys back in the house.

Here's the two 'Lego-soldiers' we named Serguie, the one with the red star, and Boris, of course. It's such a fitting gesture. Below you can see them prowling through the furry terrain of our table cover.

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