Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prayer Time

Had an early morning prayer time with my fellow brothers at church. Waking up at 5am is way too early for me but I made it on time. I was sooo excited for it that I didn't have a deep sleep. There's something powerful when you pray with other people. I felt so refreshed and inspired!

After, some of us had breakfast at Lili. This place was just a roadside stall before but now they have a proper restuarant and guest house. Lili's noodle soup is popular with the locals and foreigners alike.

From left, Sela, Blady, Vannak and Phirun.

To my left is Rattana and to my right is Vichet and leftmost is Charlie.

I had iced milk coffee. I don't like black coffee, really.

Then I also got Fried Rice with Shrimp, which was soooo good.

And of course, Lili's famous noodle soup with vegetables. I love eating breakfast because I seldom have it. I've never been a morning person and I usually wake up 9am the earliest.

Since I don't get to have a Fashion Diary very early in the morning...

My outfit consisted of cardigan by ING, DP tank top, PRP jeans, canvas workboots and Earth Made denim bag.


Miss Ekra Tan said...

Yummy food!

What did you pray for?

World Peace?

Eden said...

oh my god, that fried rice with shrimp with the egg on top. sigh. i feel my diet wanting to go away with that. huhu.:(

great post love, glad to have discovered your site:)


Anonymous said...

dahil 9am ka na pala nagigising,tell blady,mas madalas na 5am qtime yata ang dapat DP! heheh :) cielo