Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tourist Day

The day after Valentine's, I've been feeling I needed a break from my usual routine of work and designing. I just wanted a relaxing day away from the workshop and the gallery. You know, a day of 'lifestyle' lang. ;)

I dragged my friends Cielo and Blady. We had breakfast at Soup Dragon. I love having breakfasts maybe because I seldom do it. It's such a treat. I had a baguette with tuna filling and seafood noodle soup washed down by iced coffee. We bumped into Ard and Sela (the two pips,leftmost) there.

Apres, we checked out several thrift shop places in town. We ended up buying a lot from our suki at Phsar Krolayn. I'm doing this capsule collection for a store using reworked garments and I needed components to use. Although I also got branded stuff like Burberry and Patrizia Pepe.

It was soooo hot that we decided to take a dip at Miracle Hotel's pool.

I wore my fave slouchy tee and denim Levi's shorts. The bag is an old Longchamp le pliage.

My shades is a fake Rayban which I bought from a seller in the Central Market out of pity. I think it's chic, though.

Blady and Cielo brought their two kids, Bryce (in yellow) and Brandon.

We got hungry after the swim so we decided to go to a local Khmer snack place.

This is a special place because they make the most delicious rice cake drowned in coconut cream. OMG! I'm telling it's sooooo good! It's pretty popular with the locals and expat who knows. It's so popular that you have to go there early in the afternoon because by 5pm they ran out already.

I also got a Khmer style papaya salad with shrimp, peanuts and fermented crabs. It taste nothing like any other papaya salad I've tasted before. But it's really good and spicy. I don't know how to describe it's sweet and salty and complex flavor.

This fish ball and battered cauliflower deep fried was also good.

In the evening I had dinner with Jon, a friend from my theater days, with Loven and Faith. We went to Kamasutra because we missed Indian food. Take note that Jon is not eating the buffet table ( coz it does look like a buffet table from my angle) but he ordered a lamb set which explains the many dishes he got. lol!

I had this teensy weensy ball of Malai Kofta, a fave dish of mine.

And I also had a bowl of Lentil soup. I like the texture of this soup and the right amount of spiciness. It's a sublime dish.

To cool our tongues we had ice cream at Blue Pumpkin.

It's actually Jon's 9th time here in SR and I'm sure won't be his last.

That was my day last February 15 and I'm immensely happy that it was a deviation from my routine. Can't wait to have more 'Tourist Day' for myself. ;)


Anonymous said...

we had a blast too! :) yayy,talagang drinking coca by the pool ka pa dyan hehehe! :D food pix looks yum!

Anonymous said...

i want the coconut cream rice cake immediately! where can i get it?!

burrito said...

please post more "tourist days"! :)

toxic disco boy said...

winner... i should copy u with tucking in a small part ng oversized tee. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

cielo - the food was TDF!

njtosr - it's in front of hanuman hotel

burrito - i will ;)

toxic - copy away! ;)