Wednesday, February 03, 2010


There are days when I NEED to escape even just for a few hours. I used to do that when I was still living in Iloilo. Either I go shopping alone or watch a movie alone.

Here in Siem Reap I try to indulge in going to a spa once in a while. Of course, Spa Indochine is my first choice for the ambiance, service and quality of products used.

You get a cold towel and a refreshing drink while you sit and wait for your treatment. There's varied choices for your needs. I opted for something rejuvenating since I'm quite frazzled of so many things lately.

The spa lobby is homey and I like that it's not looking like a clinic.

On your way to the treatment room there's a nice water pond to see. So calming to hear the sound of flowing water.

My treatment room is warm and cozy. The soft glow of the lamps compliment the blush pink linens and towels. I like that it's not so dark.

Apres your massage and body treatment, you have the option to use the steam or take a refreshing shower al fresco.

The view outside from the shower area.

I wore one of my fave tank to the spa by Stereo paired with denims and canvas work boots.

The fabric used for the tank is so comfy and I like the button details, the topmost one a sort of tiger's eye stud.


Momel said...

Far out wonderful spa! But you'll look far more relaxed if you smiled at that third picture from the last.


kiel estrella said...

love the hair don. shades of vicky beckham. hahaha.

uy! bagay ang word verification: inglated

fuchsiaboy said...

momel - thanks for dropping by. don't do a lot of smiling for pictures ;)

kiel -hahaha i'm pretty sure vicky wasn't my peg for the hair.

Anonymous said...

saraaap! naman ng spa day mo! :))thanks for the calamares and DP shirt! youre the best! :D cielo