Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I think Japan is calling me to visit because I keep on receiving all these stuff from there! My good friend Ayako just came back from her holiday and she brought me these:

SPUR Magazine, one of my favest magazine. It features all the summer trends and the goodies you should be buying for the season.

It comes with a free booklet crammed with info about the shoes & bags for spring/summer 2010.

There's also a Marni feature and it comes with a free papette notebook. The papette print is also available in tees and tank tops. It's sooooo kawaii, non?

She also got me Men's Non-no. I love the Ann Demeulemeester outfit on the cover.

It has a freebie gazette featuring Japanese brand collections. I was frothing in the mouth looking at the wonderful designs.

She also gave me an eel pie. I can liken it to broas crossed with otap but more delicate and light.

Ayako explained that it's a popular evening snack because eel is believed to give energy when you eat it. So at the end of the day when you feel weak eating an eel pie can boost your energy. It's the signature sweet of Hamamatsu where Ayako is from.

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