Friday, February 12, 2010

Moschino Bag

I went out for some tsika with friends and this is my costume.

DP cotton jersey tee paired with a DP floral print pants.

Was feeling Kate Lanphear-ish so I stacked all these bracelets.

Here's the detail of the floral print of my pants.

I'm soooo loving my canvas work boots. It's very comfy and practical.

I got this Moschino bag for 50cents at Japan Thrift Shop. I seriously need to go back for a fix.

The zipper lock detail is a little tarnished but still functional.

That's the big label inside the bag. There's no flaw in the leather and handles. It's not new but it looks fairly decent and still so chic. I've been using it a lot especially when I don't want to carry a huge tote bag.

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