Monday, February 15, 2010

How's your Valentine's Day?

February 13 - Had an interview for Femme Magazine by Riina. She's doing a feature on Poetry. Before that I ran in Angkor Wat.

Apres, I went directly to our Singles Party at church. We prepared food, games, prizes and entertainment for the singles we invited. It was soooo much FUN!

I totally enjoyed the games and we made sure that everyone can join in. Here's Rattana and Vannak hosting this one.

Trip to Jerusalem is a classic, non? It's still so much fun! We played Money Game, Charades, etc.

There were 30+ people who came but some of them left early because they had to work. It's a reality here in SR that you attend a party and then have to work after, even at night.

That's my heart name tag with a Khmer translation.

It was a casual party so I opted to wear something comfy.

So I donned a Playhound printed tee with DP red jeans.

It compliments my Muji red sneakers and Moschino black leather bag.

February 14 - Woke up early for church. I wanted to use my Marc Jacobs bag so I worked my outfit around it.

I opted to layer a Zucca button down shirt with a Uniqlo gray ribbed cotton knit T. The leather strap on my wrist is from Bleach Catastrophe.

The jeans is by Only and the sneakers by Giordano Concepts. I love my comfy look. A bit informal for church but totally appropriate for the humid weather.

Apres church, Faith and I waited at Lucky Mall for Loven because he had to practice a dance routine.

We just hanged-out at Lucky Cafe and enjoyed the cool aircon.

The green tea frappe I drank was not that spectacular but was a treat, nonetheless. The flaky custard roll Faith gave me was delish but was too sweet for my taste.

When Loven arrived we headed for Takezuno, our fave Japanese restaurant. This peanut appetizer was interesting.

It's been a long time since I had octopus but I wasn't in the mood to order it. Next time.

Loven ordered sashimi and I tried the one on the right. It's sweet and has a very nice texture. I love it! I wonder what fish is that.

I ordered Zaru Soba...

and Ebi Tempura. I was sooo full after lunch.

The pool of Sokha Hotel, where Takezuno is, looks inviting.

In the evening I hosted the church's Married group party. It was fun, too, and I hope they liked my hosting. There were lots of picture taking, dancing and romantic games for the couples.

This was my Valentines look.

DP red zip jacket over a gingham Paul Smith button down shirt. The tie is Christian Dior homme with a paisley pattern. Pinstripe pants by DP with Topman red leather belt. Patent leather shoes by K-Bond.

I was going for this Helmut Lang look in my head. This red zip jacket is a sample for my fall/winter 2010 collection.

I was dateless but I had so much fun. How was your Valentine's day?


Anonymous said...

i love the pictures here esp your "singles party"! we liked your hosting and your not so pinagisipan na outfit for the night! :D hugs! :))

toxic disco boy said...

love the valentines look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ganda ng vest na ginawa mo

fuchsiaboy said...

cielo - glad to be of service!

toxic - thanks! can't wait to show it in real time ;)