Tuesday, February 09, 2010

'Clouds' at the Arts Lounge

Curating an exhibition is a grueling task for me. It's extra nerve wrecking if you are showing the work of one of Cambodia's most popular artist who've exhibited all over the world. Srey Bandol, considered to be the mentor of many Cambodian contemporary artists, opened his latest works in the Arts Lounge of Hotel de la Paix last night.

This latest ouevre were quite a departure from his signature mixed media assemblages. The 26 pieces displayed in the gallery focuses on capturing the fleeting beauty of clouds through pencil and charcoal drawings. The kite installation added to the whimsical nature of the subject.

We decided to install fringe curtains on the center of the lounge and display the drawings back to back. To create ripples in the curtain we had to put fans inside the ceiling by removing some of the acrylic panels for the light. I have to thank Sutanaya, our chief engineer, and his team for always making our craziest concepts possible. Initially I asked them to do moving mechanical installations but that proved expensive so we scrapped it. LOL!

Loven was my partner in planning all the effects for this exhibit. He also did the invitations and collaterals for the show. We also borrowed the fringed curtains from him. Am I 'user friendly' or what? ;)

There's something quite dark about Bandol's new pieces. He did tell me he hoped that those who see his works would think about the environment and the alarming rate it's being destroyed.

Some of the pieces reminded me of tornadoes.

Or storm clouds...

The abtract nature of clouds rendered poetic in Bandol's hands.

I like this one.

We had a kid making paper planes and throwing it to fly. Next thing we know we had a swarm of kids joining him for the fun. Soon the gallery floor was filled with colored paper planes. It proved popular even with the adults.

We also had two glass vitrines filled constantly with smoke. It took like 10 men to install that huge thing. It doubles as a bar, too, at least for 2 months.

It's very Alexander McQueen-ish, non? Imagine that as a runway or a wall for a fashion show. Lovely!

We also had bubbles blowing in the air.

Bandol (in white) was happy with the outcome and support for his exhibit. With him is another artist, Sovann.

Oh, we also had poetry readings of cloud poems, spoken by Loven (I know! Totally exploiting this guy but, hey, that's what I do with my friends. As if you don't know!), Rachel and Faith. See what I'm saying about exploiting friends. LOL! Thank you guys!

I'm still exhausted now from all the preparation but I'm soooo glad it went great and I do think it was succesful because of the huge turn out of guests especially from the media. More press release, please, *wink, wink. I'm also immensely happy to see all my friends, Bandol's family and students, and the wonderful Siem Reapers. My huge thanks to my Hotel de la Paix family: front office, housekeeping, food&beverage, human resource and the management. I've never really said thank you enough this past two years but I'm so glad to be making more exhibits with you guys in the future.


Anonymous said...

congrats DP! oh so sad i wasnt there (sigh) but im very happy for you! :) cielo

betz said...

how i love going in an art gallery. that looks so much fun!


Miss Ekra Tan said...

inday!! puro ka parties!! chos

i started a blog... visit ka naman


karen said...

taray!! congrats! ma-sight ko sana yan pagbalik ko

Anonymous said...

One word....WOW!
Great job...so proud of everyone na
From an Bangkok based admirer of the HdlP team ;-)

Anonymous said...
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fuchsiaboy said...

thank you guys! ;)

bangkok based admirer, i think i know who you are ;) hehehe