Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paul Smith

Rummaging through my baul, I wanted to wear something I haven't worn in a while.

This Paul Smith tee was perfect paired with my DP green pants.

I got lots of compliments for this outfit. I guess the striking green pants with the green Adidas sneaker looks cool. And here's a much better view of the straw boater hat, just so you know it's not some parasol or something ;)


Anonymous said...


your ps tee is fake. he doesnt do that print of his logo unless maybe for perfume promo girls/boys. we who work in ps know as that print is notorious for counterfeit ps.

you dont need to publish this feedback

fuchsiaboy said...

ey, thanks for the feedback. i got it from the thrift shop. it feels comfy. it's cool if it's really meant for perfume promo, non?! that makes it more ironic. ;)