Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Clouds People

A few of the people who came: Moi with Kuya Blady.

Mao Soviet, an artist who I exhibited before.

Rachel, designer of Keok Jay and owner of Circle.

Howie, he's a scientist who works in preserving bird habitats and diversity. The bird print tee was a design of mine. He said it's his fave tee!

Jam, who looks chic in DP Easy Dress, works as a sales & marketing for a hotel here in SR.

Andy, of Wanderlust.

Lynette, my friend who works as the financial controller of Amansara.

Justin, who's interning for a resort and Shinta, party gal slash socialite numero uno of SR.

Moi, with my dearest Eliz, designer par excellence of Wandelust.

Lots more people came too beautiful to mention ;)


toxic disco boy said...

liking ur bolero thingy. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

it's designed for moi by my friend, jor-el espina.