Tuesday, February 23, 2010


One of the main reasons why I went to Phnom Penh is because I wanted to support the debut exhibit of my good friend Mikee Santiago. The 20+ works of watercolor on paper, collectively named DIVA, is a tedious hard work of more than 4 years before its launch in The Chinese House.
My favorite pieces:

I was drawn to this one because I like the shape of the face and color of it. It's actually more green in real life but the yellow lighting seems to turn it more blue.

I also like this red diva because the eyes is flirty and fun.

This piece looks stunning with a hint of gold. It got sold when I was there.

Mikee's friends all came to support him. There were performances and everyone just enjoyed the scene.
Some of the fab, fashion people during the opening:

Franco, Bettyinme, ITSELF. Check out his delightful blog about his life as a creative director of a fashion magazine.

Karen, Miss Bubble Bath, ITSELF, wearing a white DP top.

My future client, Ascon, looking so chic and towering in her vertiginous platform heels.

Maan and her boyfriend (I'm so sowee I forgot his name)

One of the chicest Khmer lady I know, Sophy, rockin a Gucci-esque electric blue look. She's the editor-in-chief of Cambodia's number one fashion magazine, F.

Rachel of Keok Jay, Michael, who's just back from his South African vacation and Sophea, who I can't wait to have an exhibit of his photographs.

Noh, who dare I say is Cambodia's most eligible bachelor?

Congratulations Mikee for a job well done! Can't wait for your SR exhibit at Poetry ;)


kawadjan said...

I haven't met Mikee yet, but I like his vivacity ever since (via his blog). But Noh... Noh ng aking buhay. Please lang.

fuchsiaboy said...

Mikee is very talented. Alam mo na.

Si Noh? Please lang. ;) Si Dracula yata ang iyong buhay hehehe!

kawadjan said...

Mareh, paki-ask naman kung ano ang mga pangangailangan ni Noh sa kanyang buhay. Gusto kong punuan ang kanyang mga needs. Yun lang.

fuchsiaboy said...

k - hahaha! simple lang ang pangangailangan nya at i'm pretty sure mapupuno mo yun ;)