Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was discussing with a friend how I feel that there's a sort of ethnic/tribal 80's, early 90's minimalist trend going on with fashion now. I was just checking the pieces online of Blouson Noir, the Melanie Ward (she of Helmut Lang) and Graham Tabor collab, and how crochet raffia bustier tops mixed with striped tea towels looked urban chic but at the same time very organic. Even the latest issue of Encens, number 25, has an editorial exploring some billowy fashion that reminded me of early Yamamoto, 90's Calvin Klein that looks crafty, beige-y, earthy and tribal at the same time. Not in-your-face tribal but it feels more organic. Yeah, I said it twice ;) I'm really bad in describing it. Hehehe...

Anyway, I just got reminded of that because I wore my zebra print tee with a drawing of two models that looked like they came out of an Encens editorial. I forgot to take a much closer picture so just click on the image above to make it bigger if you want to see it. Over it is an H&M vest and my pants is DP.

On my wrist are (from left) H link bracelet given by Tito Butz, pyramid studs from Human, leather&metal from Wanderlust, braided jersey from Loven at Poetry, and safety pins&chains I made myself.

I used my Comme des Garcons Homme canvas tote given by Angel B. It's one of my fave canvas bags from my collection.

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