Monday, February 15, 2010

Soaline's Birthday

Soaline, my friend who's the chef of Shinta Mani, invited his close friends to his birthday celebration. It was a simple affair done on the area in front of his house. It's sort of a barbecue party with Khmer food. They had some beds set-up that served as tables and seating area to eat.

This very interesting metal container being cooked is a vessel to smoke native chicken and vegetables. I tried the smoked heart-of-banana and it was sooo good.

Of course, I didn't eat the barbecue.

I just had vegetables. This papaya salad with rice was delish. I ended up eating a lot of salad!

I also ate a bunch of longans. It's sold so cheap here.

Me and the gang.

After the party I went to the salon and had a haircut and shampoo.

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